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The new Accent builds on a well-earned reputation for reliability, economy and safety by adding bold, modern styling to the list: Its new cutting edge look will be earning nods of approval wherever you go. But beyond its bold,  modern lines, the new Accent also delivers powerful  performance with high-efficiency powertrains equipped with six-speed transmissions to maximize fuel economy.

And in the matter of safety, the most important category of all, the new Accent comes with advanced safety features that elevate all-round pro-tection to the highest standard yet. Inside and out, Accent is a reflection of Hyundai’s passion for engineering excellence.

Evolution or revolution?

Either way, Accent’s futuristic design raises the high-tech quotient and that will certainly be turning heads. The eye-catching grille features a bold, new parametric design and a chrome finish for a premium presentation. LED headlamps with Multi-Focus Reflectors help you see better at night while providing a touch of high-tech flair that gets noticed.

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Productive time.

Accent’s well-appointed two-tone cabin provides the perfect space to relax and to be productive too. Once you shut the doors, the peace and quiet will amaze you because Accent is exceptionally well-insulated from road and wind noise. And to keep you well connected and productive while you’re on the road, the media interface full support for smartphone connectivity and a lot more through easy-to-navigate menus.

Why not see it for yourself?

Test it out

Performance and Safety.

Accent gives you a choice of powertrains to suit personal requirements. Whichever you specify, Accent delivers impressive and reliable performance using tried and true technologies like variable intake systems that let the engines adjust their breathing to power demand, six-speed transmissions and multi-point injection for maximum fuel economy. And inside, Accent protects you with some of the most advanced safety technologies available in the automotive industry today.

6-airbag system
Driver and front passenger are protected by two front airbags and two side airbags. Side curtain airbags running the length of the cabin improve head protection and increase the total airbag count to six.

Static Bending Light
Hyundai’s 2003 NEOS-II concept car pioneered this innovation which uses turns of the steering wheel to switch on auxiliary lamps that illuminate dark areas to the side that are not covered by the headlamps.

Auto Cruise Control
Set the desired speed and the automatic feature takes cruise control to the next level by automatically braking and resuming acceleration to ensure that a safe distance is always kept between you and the vehicle ahead.

Electronic Stability Control
ESC can detect skidding and using computerized technology, it will automatically apply the brakes to individual wheels to counter the loss of directional control, help maintain vehicle stability and reduce the risk of a collision.

Hillstart Assist Control
Stopping and starting on very steep road can be stressful and potentially dangerous. HAC prevents the car from accidentally rolling backward whenever the brake pedal is released on a hill.

Emergency Stop Signal
Capable of telling the difference between regular braking and panic braking, this feature will automatically start flashing your brake lights if it detects sudden heavy pressure on the brake pedal thus warning drivers behind you.

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