A world awaits.

Our incredible journey.

For almost 25 years, Hyundai has been a part of the PNG automotive landscape.

Our founding spirit.

Despite humble origins, our founder, Chung Ju-Yung, was a born optimist. Starting as a rice delivery boy, he went on to set up a car repair service. This later became The Hyundai Motor Group, ‘Hyundai’ meaning ‘modern times’ – encapsulating his progressive vision

An ambition to rebuild.

Determined to help rebuild his country after the Korean War, Mr Chung forged ahead with a project to reconstruct the Goryeong Bridge. Hyundai quickly became responsible for building much of the country’s road infrastructure.

Seeking new challenges

Having proven itself in building roads and bridges, Hyundai looked to bigger challenges. Ambitious new projects included the construction of the Soyang Dam and Jubail Industrial Harbour in Saudi Arabia, forged from steel produced at Hyundai’s very own steel plants.

Becoming established.

Familiar names such as Santa Fe, Tucson, i10, i20 and i30 were launched, with new models gaining respect of both industry experts and customers alike. With a regularly updated product range and an industry-leading warranty – Hyundai became one of the world’s largest car manufacturers.

Tomorrow's technology, today.

Today, our founder’s can-do spirit continues to drive our thinking. We’ve already brought three zero emission cars onto the road. And our range is progressing all the time, with extended driving range, premium comfort and seamless connectivity.

Powering the future.

Our next generation fuel cell electric vehicle, NEXO, is already on the road in the UK and is just the start. By 2030 we aim to produce 500,000 cars with our hydrogen fuel cell technology, ushering in a new era of eco mobility.

Who we are

Hyundai is the fifth largest automotive group in the world, the fastest growing automotive brand in Papua New Guinea, and is widely acknowledged as a global leader in design, safety and quality. We pride ourselves on building cars which deliver affordable technology to all.

The Hyundai difference

To live up to our reputation as one of the global top-5 automakers, we face the challenge of continuously delivering outstanding quality and design. To do this, we are committed to the pursuit of new ideas, which will in turn create new possibilities for people and the planet. Our aim is to challenge convention and question what’s been done before to make the latest design, quality and safety initiatives available to all, not just a few. By changing our way of thinking, working and communicating, Hyundai is more than a brand that makes cars, but a brand that makes cars, that make a difference.


Hyundai has worked tirelessly to make cars that exceed the expectations of our customers and demand respect from our peers. That’s why we’ve earned unprecedented acclaim and recognition from independent motoring journalists and automotive governing bodies around the world.

Today, Hyundai vehicles have been recognised as leaders in their field with many prestigious awards including; multiple Australia’s Best Car awards for the i30 and iMax, the Australian International Design award for the i45 and the ECOcar of the year award for i20. What’s more, we’ve also been recognised for our high level of customer service by achieving the esteemed Canstar award.

Fastest Growing

Hyundai is one of the world’s fastest growing car companies. We’ve achieved this position by using the best quality materials and investing in superior Research and Development. That’s how Hyundai vehicles embody quality, variety, innovation and individuality – all of which are underpinned by 5-star quality in design, build, features, accessories and safety.

PNG Motors

PNG Motors is a locally owned and operated business that has been serving the motoring needs of Papua New Guinea since 1971, proudly representing Mazda and Hyundai alongside Suzuki and Suzuki Marine throughout the country for vehicles, parts and service, together with a great range of quality imported Used Vehicles. We are PNG people.

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