Adopting the aerodynamic style that hasn’t been implemented in conventional models,
the XCIENT is innovatively designed with the inclination of the windshield, expansion
of the front volume, and application of dynamic character lines. XCIENT integrates
the colour of side-view mirrors roof visor, side garnish, mud guard, and other
components like that of an existing luxury sedan, presenting a sophisticated sense
of identity.

  • Aerodynamic style
    - Application of corner vane to reduce side contamination
    - Low-drag European mirror
    - Corner vane integrated large front grill and wide bumper
    - Roof visor and roof spoiler with height adjustment (optional)

  • Outside Mirrors
    For improved visibility, the presence of any blind spot is reduced by enlarging the outside mirror and through the design/utilisation of aerodynamice mirrors, noise as well as water hold-up phenomenon on the side glass is reduced.


Stay worry-free as it takes care of your storage needs wherever you go.

  • The comfort of the world’s largest bed
    The thoughtful consideration to soothe driver’s fatique after long-hours of driving is reflected in the maximized size of the sheet.
    World best class bed size 2,180mm x 800mm.
    (Prime Mover pictured)

  • A smarter driving space
    A total of about 100 functions including a crash pad with optimally arranged hand-reach switches, audio, multi-display, Bluetooth, hands-free system, cruise switch add comfort to your driving.
    (Prime Mover pictured)

  • Cup Holder

  • Cooler and Warmer

  • Overhead Console
    150 liters (Prime Mover pictured)

  • Rear Overhead Console
    High roof: 320 liters
    (Prime Mover pictured)

  • Lower Crash Pad Console
    16 liters

  • Lower Bed Console
    120 liters

  • Bed 2nd Floor (High Roof Only)
    2nd floor bed for high roof cabin
    (Prime Mover pictured)

  • Multi Display
    Driving information, fault diagnostics, axle weight (air sus.) and etc.
    (Prime Mover pictured)

  • Q800
    Radio, USB, Aux, CD, iPod and

  • Convenience Focused Passenger Seat
    Belt in seat, air suspension (optional), backward folding and forward folding seat options

  • Ergonomic Profile Seat
    Cold/warm air ventilation, leather
    covering, belt in seat, seat operating on the bed, air suspension
    (Prime Mover pictured)



  • ABS with ASR (Anti-Slip Regulator)
    This ABS (Anti-locking Break System) brings the vehicle to a safe, controlled stop and is particularly advantageous whilst driving under slippery road conditions. The driver can apply maximum pressure on the brake pedal without worrying about wheel lock, skidding and subsequent loss of control. With ABS/ASR, the driver can maintain full
    directional stability of the vehicle at all times and avoid potentially dangerous situations.

  • Comfort by being away from vibration
    XCEINT uses front-wheel air-suspension (optional) to provide the best riding comfort by lowering the vehicle’s vibration frequency form 1.9Hz to 1.1Hz.

  • Ergonomic Switch Operation

  • Power Window System
    Easy Window Switch Control

  • Retarder (Optional)
    Improve driving safety and brake
    performance by increasing the life of
    the brake lining by four times

  • Automatic (ECAS) 4-Bag Type
    Air Suspension

  • Reliable and trustworthy durability
    XCIENT maintains structural durability under any road condition due to its robust design that extensively applies high-tensile steel to the structured cab.
    - 6x4 dump
    - Air cleaner
    - Front frame and high-tensile chassis

  • Half the time needed for maintenance
    - Cab Tilting: Along with the extensively increased cab tilting angle up to 61°, the volume of the cab tilting cylinder was enlarged. Also, it allows for ease of maintenance by preventing oil leakage with the use of a protecting cover on the top part, while securing the volume of the tiling pump reservoir.
    - Bumper-integrated front folding steps: For easier maintenance of more parts compared to the previously applied maintenance panel opening at the front, the broad width folding steps are newly designed.
XCIENT 6x4 Dump Truck
Engine Hyundai D6HB38.
Power: 284kW/380HP.
Torque: 160kgf/1570Nm.
Engine Braking Jacob’s Engine Brake
Transmission H160S2X5 (10sp Air Splitter. Overdrive)
with Air PTO and Switch
Alternator 24 Volt / 70 Amp
Starter 24 Volt / 6.0 kW
Batteries 2 x 12 Volt PT Type / 150 Amp/hr
Front Axle Reverse Elliot “I” Beam. 8000kg Capacity
Rear Axle Hyundai Single Reduction Hypoid
R/Axle Capacity 13000kg x 2 (26000kg/ 58000lb)
R/Axle Ratio 5.571 to 1
Suspension Front Multi Leaf with Shock Absorber (11 x 1500x90)
Suspension Rear 6 Rod with V Top Radius Rod. Multi Leaf. (11 x 1350 x 90)
Brakes System Full Air. “S” Cam with Auto Adjusters,
ABS/ASR and Air Dryer.
Air Reservoir 120 Litres
Lining Area 9,634 sq.cm
Brakes Parking Full Air, Gradual on Rear Axle
Steering Power assisted, Tilt and Telescopic, Lockable
Chassis Frame Single Rail, Hi Tensile.
300 x 90 x 8
Main Rail 81kgf/sq mm. (115,177 psi)
Front splay @ Engine bay. 1080mm
Crossmember 60kgf/sq mm (85,316 psi)
Fuel Tank All Steel construction. Square.
400L Capacity
Rims and Tyres Rim 1200x22.5x8.25 with 12R22.5-16
Ply Tubeless Lug Pattern all round. (11 supplied)
Cabin All Steel Construction, Coil Spring Suspension, Electric
Tilting with Manual override. Dual external Storage Compartments. Central Locking and Power Windows
with Water Repellent Door Glass, Side Mirrors, Front under
view mirror. Laminated Front Windscreen.
Cabin Interior Drivers Air Suspended Cloth Seat. Fixed Pass Seat.
3 Point ELR Seat Belts, Overhead Console, Door Pockets, Centre Console, Sleeper Curtain Rail, Vinyl Floor coverings, Under bunk storage. Internal Sun visors, Front Lift up
Panel for Service access, Entry assist grips,
H.Duty entry steps.
Instruments: Speedometer (Cableless), Electronic Tachometer,
Oil Pressure, Water Temperature, Air Pressure F&R,
Voltage Indicator, Multi Function Switch, Rheostat

*Note, images used are for illustration purposes only. Right hand drive vehicles only available in PNG. Some features may not be available in PNG.