Why Hyundai

We want to become one
of the top five automakers
in the world

Why Hyundai

At Hyundai, we're on a mission. We want to become one of the top five automakers in the world. And, we're doing that by cementing our commitment to quality. That means we've outgrown our reputation for producing low-priced small cars and we're now known as a full-line car manufacturer of quality, variety, innovation and individuality.

What does that mean for you? Hyundai's focus on quality benefits our customers in numerous ways:

Quality: 1999 Hyundai made a commitment to get serious about quality. Since then we've revamped our designs and worked on our problem areas. Now, our vehicles are a testament of our commitment to flawless quality. Independent quality surveys in countries such as the US and the UK reveal that an increasing number of motoring experts place Hyundai in the same segment as Japanese, American and European manufacturers.

Value for money: Hyundai sets the benchmark for value for money. No matter what car class, you can't beat a Hyundai in terms of standard features, quality and safety.

Safety: At Hyundai we are determined to create the safest car possible. In fact, we ask our employees to create a car safe enough for themselves and their families.

Awards: We're not the only ones who think our cars are top-notch. We've received around the globe.

Technology: Our heavy investment in research and development means we're constantly striving for innovation in passenger safety and comfort and environmentally-friendly technologies.