Adhering to the highest
quality is the most important
promise we can make to our customers


Our Ulsan factory in Korea is the world's largest car manufacturing complex, producing all Hyundai car models and vans under one roof. Within a year of opening in 2005, our Alabama plant in the United States, one of the most advanced facilities in North America, was up and running at optimal capacity. In India and China, two of the world’s fastest growing markets, we have completed major expansion projects, and while our first EU-based facility in the Czech Republic was being completed, we were already well into planning our expansion into South America with a facility to be located in Brazil.

Manufacturing process

We are constantly striving to improve our manufacturing processes around the world to ensure we deliver the highest standard of quality, safety and performance to our customers. Whatever their location, all our design centres and manufacturing plants bring exceptional insight and expertise to every single Hyundai. At each step, we use outstanding materials, workmanship and comprehensive testing. In fact we conduct hundreds of millions of kilometres of real-drive testing around the globe.

Time and again, independent surveys around the world have shown Hyundai offers some of the highest product quality levels available anywhere – at any price. It is Hyundai’s philosophy, that adhering to the highest quality is the most important promise we can make to our customers. Known famously for offering the best value-for-money cars, Hyundai has made tremendous progress in manufacturing quality. With a focus on excellence, Hyundai Motor Company has set itself the goal to be recognised as the worlds' No. 1 in automotive quality. The achievement will become a reality through a continual and undaunted focus on, and investment schedule in the implementation of activities such as:

  • Establishment of the pilot production centre to improve quality standards.
  • Enforcing stringent quality approval systems at each stage from planning to sales.
  • Establishing supplier quality rating systems to improve overall quality standards.
  • Adopting Six-Sigma initiatives, a scientific product quality innovation system to enhance product quality management.